Other OmegaT resources


Okapi Filters Plugin Provides filters for handling further file formats, including Trados TTX, and Markdown.
Apertium Plugin Integrates the Apertium machine translation functionality into OmegaT.
Browser plugin Fast access to websites. Website support can be scripted in Groovy.
NICT TexTra plugin Integrates the TexTra neural machine translation engine into OmegaT. The TexTra API is freely provided by NICT, Japan government research agency.
EPWING plugin Provides functionality to read EPWING dictionary format.

Important: listed plug-ins work with OmegaT version 4 and above.


"Aligner" aligner utility Written in Python. Contributed by Dmitri Gabinski.
"Bligner" aligner utility Written in Python/Perl. Contributed by Didier Briel.
TMXMerger Java command-line script for merging two or more TMX files. Contributed by Henry Pijffers.
TMXCleaner Java command-line script for removing "superfluous" translation units from a TMX file: deletes all TUs without target segment or in which the target segment is identical to the source segment. Contributed by Henry Pijffers.
Toxic Utility for converting Trados TagEditor (TTX) files to an intermediate format, enabling them to be translated in OmegaT. This collection of scripts may be useful to scripters with a knowledge of tcl/tk. Other users are advised to use the Okapi Filters Plugin instead. Toxic was contributed by Marc Prior.
Toxic for Windows Windows executable version of Toxic.
Toxic for Linux Linux binary version of Toxic.
Toxic scripts Script versions of Toxic. Platform-independent; require tcl/tk.
Stripper Script for extracting text for translation from plain-text files (e.g. computer source code) for translation in OmegaT. Requires tcl/tk. Contributed by Marc Prior.
TKount TKount text counting utility. Requires tcl/tk, Abiword and pdftotext. Has been tested on Linux. Contributed by Marc Prior.
Ondiloto ONline DIctionary LOokup TOol. Requires Linux, w3m and tcl/tk (both generally supplied with Linux). Contributed by Marc Prior.
Wordfast TMX file converter Converts translation memories in TMX format generated by Wordfast to a form which can be read by OmegaT. Contributed by Dmitri Gabinski.

Miscellaneous resources

Training course OmegaT training course. Consists of a model student's manual with instructions to trainers for adaptation, and sample resources.
Icons Selection of alternative icons for use with OmegaT.
Sample texts For testing and demonstrating OmegaT.

Localization resources

Localization TMX repository TMX files of localizations of the OmegaT documentation and of this site, for use by localizers.
This web site The files of this site, in a convenient package for those wishing to localize it.

Third-party software

Third-party software for use with OmegaT

Spelling dictionaries Online repositories of spelling dictionaries for use within OmegaT.
Libre Office
Free (compatible) alternatives to Microsoft Office.
Okapi Framework A comprehensive suite of utilities for preparing files for translation in a CAT tool. Enables a number of file formats to be translated which cannot be handled natively in OmegaT. A detailed tutorial is available.
bitext2tmx GUI alignment tool for producing translation memory files from legacy texts and their translations.
LF Aligner An intelligent command-line alignment tool for producing translation memory files from legacy texts and their translations.
Samuel Murray's scripts and procedures Descriptions of and links to Samuel Murray's scripts/procedures. Most of these scripts require MS Windows, although some procedures may also work on other platforms.
Scripts/procedures are available to enable you to do the following:
  • Skip segments containing a certain set of characters
  • Extract all source text from the project files into a single, large text file
  • Create a TMX file containing all strings, with identical source and target
  • Add terms to a glossary whilst translating in OmegaT
  • Add numbers to all segments, making them all "unique"
  • Remove all text except tags, or all tags except text
  • Check spelling (various procedures)