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User group

OmegaT has a very active, supportive and multilingual user group here, which users are strongly encouraged to join. The user group also serves as the main point of contact between users and the project team.

Mailing lists

OmegaT also has the following mailing lists and trackers, which are hosted on Sourceforge:

OmTdev The OmegaT developers' list. This list is for more technical discussion of features and development, and is intended for OmegaT developers and other interested parties.
OmT-l10n This mailing list is for localizers of OmegaT.

Tracking system

Bugs, feature requests and documentation issues are handled on Sourceforge by the following tracking systems. Please do not use these tracking systems before first raising the issue on the user group and/or mailing lists.

Issues/bugs tracking system
Feature requests tracking system
Documentation tracking system


Please contact the OmegaT project co-ordinator regarding any administration issues.