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Who we are

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The OmegaT project

The OmegaT project is maintained by an informal, international group of volunteers. Its purpose is to develop, distribute and support the use of OmegaT, an open-source translation memory software application.

The principal members of the project are:

Keith Godfrey Original author of the OmegaT application
Aaron Madlon-Kay Development manager
Alex Buloichik Lead developer
Marc Prior Project co-ordinator and website manager
Vincent Bidaux Documentation manager
Kos Ivantsov Localization manager
Developers Keith Godfrey, Zoltan Bartko, Volker Berlin, Didier Briel, Kim Bruning, Alex Buloichik, Thomas Cordonnier, Sandra Jean Chua, Martin Fleurke, Wildrich Fourie, Phillip Hall, Jean-Christophe Helary, Thomas Huriaux, Hans-Peter Jacobs, Kyle Katarn, Ibai Lakunza Velasco, Guido Leenders, Aaron Madlon-Kay, Fabián Mandelbaum, John Moran, Maxym Mykhalchuk, Arno Peters, Henry Pijffers, Briac Pilpré, Tiago Saboga, Andrzej Sawuła, Benjamin Siband, Yu Tang, Rashid Umarov, Antonio Vilei, Martin Wunderlich and Michael Zakharov

The philosophy of the project is described here.

Since the project's inception, it has received the support of dozens of other contributors, too numerous to mention here, but for whose help we are very grateful.