Howto - Exporting from OmegaT to 'Trados uncleaned RTF' format

Sorry this page has not yet been translated.

This HowTo explains how to produce an "uncleaned RTF" file from an OmegaT project. This format may be a practical interchange format for users of other CAT tools, particularly Trados and Wordfast Classic.

Points to note:

This code/procedure combination has not yet been thoroughly tested (though initial reports are promising).

The script is available for the Windows platform only.

It only enables translators to generate (i.e. deliver) Trados uncleaned files. It does not enable them to "translate" bilingual files supplied by their customers.

1. Insert Trados segment delimiters

To produce a bilingual OpenOffice.Org file containing the Trados segment delimiters, close the OmegaT project, then run the following AutoIt script (requires Windows) on the project's project_save.tmx file:

2. Create target documents

Create the target documents as usual and convert the file to Microsoft Word.

3. Apply styles to delimiters

In Microsoft Word, run the following macro to apply the relevant styles to the target document(s):

Private Sub AddTw4winStyles()
On Error Resume Next
Dim sMark, sInt, sExt As Style
Set sMark = ActiveDocument.Styles.Add(Name:="tw4winMark", _
With sMark.Font
  .Name = "Courier"
  .Size = 11
  .Hidden = True
  .Subscript = True
  .ColorIndex = wdViolet
End With
Set sInt = ActiveDocument.Styles.Add(Name:="tw4winInternal", _
sInt.LanguageID = wdNoProofing
With sInt.Font
  .Name = "Courier"
  .Size = 11
  .ColorIndex = wdRed
End With
Set sExt = ActiveDocument.Styles.Add(Name:="tw4winExternal", _
sExt.LanguageID = wdNoProofing
With sExt.Font
  .Name = "Courier"
  .Size = 11
  .ColorIndex = wdGray50
End With
End Sub

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