Howto - OmegaT compatibility with Déjà Vu

This HowTo describes how to use OmegaT in conjunction with Atril's Déjà Vu CAT tool.

Background situation

You are an OmegaT user and are requested by a customer to deliver a translation in Déjà Vu's file format. This can be achieved (for Déjà Vu DVX) by use of Déjà Vu's "External View" file format.

Déjà Vu "External View"

The Déjà Vu "External View" file format is a feature of Déjà Vu DVX. It enables editors who do not possess Déjà Vu to edit translations produced in Déjà Vu in such a way that amendments can be reincorporated easily. In the same way, users of CAT tools, including OmegaT, who do not possess Déjà Vu can translate files prepared by a Déjà Vu user.

A Déjà Vu "External View" file takes the form of an RTF file containing a multi-column table, including columns for the source and target text in which each segment occupies a table cell. In an as-yet untranslated "External View" file, the target column is empty. A "translated" External View file is produced by entering the translation in the target column. To translate the file in OmegaT, proceed as follows:

1. Convert the file from RTF to format.

2. Make a copy of the External View file, and delete from it the content of all columns except the source-text column.

3. Translate this file in OmegaT in the usual way. Inline tags within segments take the form of serial numbers within curly brackets, i.e. {1}, {2}, etc. Be careful to preserve these in the same way that you would handle OmegaT's own inline tags (the inline tag functionality of OmegaT, such as the tag validation function, is not available in this case, however).

4. After completing the translation and creating the translated documents, copy the translated column from the translated file back into the target column of the original file.

5. Convert the file back to RTF format.

In order for this procedure to be used, the Déjà Vu user must prepare the source text file and supply it to the translator in the Déjà Vu "External View" format. More information on the format and the procedure for its creation, for both users of Déjà Vu and of other CAT tools on the helpful blog maintained by Kevin Lossner.

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